Bear Varimixer


Our product ranges from the compact 5 L TEDDY™ to the large 200 L industrial mixers. The smaller standard machines (5 L, 10 L and 20 L), can be supplied with short delivery time.
The variable possibilities in relation to automation and equipment of the larger machines are great, as it is possible to tailor-make a machine for any requirements from a simple manual control to advanced computer control.



BEAR Varimixer has designed the entirely new KODIAK mixer based exclusively on the needs of the end user.
Our aim has been to understand and describe our end users’ needs.
By conducting extensive interviews and filming end users’ use of mixers in industrial kitchens, we have developed a new mixer which completely meets end users’ needs and wishes.

Mixers_standard_RN20_floor_new_80TEDDY™ is the top modern table top mixer. Capacity of 5 L beautifully presented as well as compact size and easy to clean are features which make TEDDY™ a perfect partner in any kitchen, bakery or laboratory. TEDDY™ has double infinite speed control and very user-friendly operation of hook, beater and whip. Available in four colours.

The BEAR mixers RN10 VL-2 and RN20 VL-2 are produced in stainless steel which also applies for the tools. The mixers are made in 10 and 20 L capacities and are available as table or floor model.
The electronic Vari-Logic control panel with Remix™ provide a great number of adjustment and programming options.
The standard BEAR mixers are made in 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 and 200 L capacities. All these mixers have the well known variable speed control system.
You can choose between the VL-1, VL-1S, MK-1, MK1L and MK1S control panels, depending af the size of the mixer. All these mixers are equipped for easy exchange of bowl and tools.

Mixer_AR_30L_40L_VL-1_white_100The standard 40 and 60 L BEAR mixers are also available in a special pizza version with a more powerful motor.
The pizza version also comes with a double bayonet lock made of high-strength steel. The bowl lowering mechanism has oil damping for ergonomic reasons.




Mixer_ERGO-BEAR_100L_Stainless-steel_new_225ERGO BEAR is an ergonomically correct mixer. There is no lifting involved. The bowl with ingredients is wheeled direct into the mixer.
The mixer tool is mounted at a good working height before the servo motor raises the bowl to its working position. ERGO BEAR is available in 60, 100 and 140 L.



AR40_Marine version_100BEAR Varimixer is known worldwide for being synonymous with strength and durability. Just like the ships that the Marine BEAR mixer is made for.
For decades marine customers have appreciated our ability to provide mixers for all types of power supply. The mixer offers intuitive operation and a simple construction for easy service maintenance.
Hygiene has become an increasingly important focus area for our customers. To meet your demands, we have taken further initiatives to make the mixer water resistant and easier to clean.
All of the marine features can be applied in a marine package to upgrade the standard mixer to a Marine BEAR. The Marine BEAR will comply with USPHS requirements.

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