MONSUN Function principle

The baking system with forced air heating, developed by Alois Paul Linder in 1936, is demanded today more than ever because of its flexibility and energy savings. Basic principle of the system: 2 fans provide a regular change of direction of the hot air flow.

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Deck ovens

Superb baking quality even with fully proved pushed raw dough, maximum baking surface at minimum footprint and extremely low energy consumption. All this speaks for the innovative technology of the DEBAG rack ovens.

Rack ovens

The stationary rack cart of our rack ovens provides an unparalleled favourable ratio between baking area and footprint. Why not enjoy this benefit as well!

Combination baking ovens

Deck or rack baking oven? Why “either or”? You need a deck and a rack oven but have space only for one unit? The combination oven is then your perfect solution because it combines the benefits of both ovens.

Shop baking ovens

Absolute top baking quality even with shop baking. Turn baking into an adventure for your customers – with the bake-off ovens from DEBAG.

AccessoriesOf course, we carry a wide range of accessories in our assortment for all of our products and, naturally, many items needed in the baking store. Our Customer Service Center will be glad to answer any of your specific questions. Read more

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